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Staff Duties

Jo Huang ext:7366 E-mail:

  • management of the affairs of R&D
  • integrated research programs and grant apply
  • investigate and implement of the research projects with cooperate hospitals
  • assist the academic evaluations
  • recruit researchers and evaluations
  • amend and discuss regulations relevant to research affairs and administrative affairs
  • assist integrated on-campus research resources and promote the research field
  • handle signing the contracts with the cooperative hospitals
  • handle the establishment, adjustments, merger, and evaluation of research units 


Justin Shu ext:7398 E-mail:

  • handle the matters of applying patent, release, and maintenance…etc
  • apply and verify on-campus patent application
  • contact with outside school patent offices
  • plan and execute the research achievement presentations and exhibitions on-campus and off-campus
  • affairs of technology authorize and transfer
  • affairs of training programs and conferences
  • consult and assist the related matters with the intellectual property rights
  • manage research achievements and establish databases 


Josie Sung ext:7063 E-mail:

  • schedule arrangement for Dean and Associate Dean of office of R&D
  • subsidize the revise of teachers’ essay
  • handle the administrative matters of projects

       --National Health Research Institutes Integrated Research Grants project and the research scholars
       --Department of Health Science and Technology Research Project
       --Department of Health Centers for Disease Control Science and Technology Research Project
       --Department of Health National-Bureau of Controlled Drugs Science and Technology Research Project
       --Taipei Veterans General Hospital—University System of Taiwan Joint Research Program
       --Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, Science and Technology Research Project
       --Bureau of National Health Insurance, Science and Technology Research Project
       --Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Department of Health, Research Project
       --Ministry of The Interior authorized Project
       --Yen Tjing Ling Medical Research Center, Research Project
       --Atomic Energy Council , Institute of Nuclear Energy Research authorized Project
       --Ministry of Economic Affairs authorized Project
       --Council of Agriculture authorized Project

Karo Chang ext:7171 E-mail:

  • relevant matters of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

   --apply animal experiment
   --assist conservative animal application

  • biosafety Committee
       --apply recombinant DNA
       --hold biosafety protection program
       --assist apply contagious bio-material
       --apply new BSL-2 lab
       --internal checking for origin BSL-2 lab
       --approve above 2nd level lab bio-material import, export and adjustment
       --compile contagious bio-material statistics lists of the above 2nd level lab
       --assist the Department of Health Centers for Disease Control on biosafety checking

  • administer the matters of the Management Committee of BSL-3

  • handle the documents that relevant to conferences from other school

Y.w Chen ext: 6058 E-mail:
  • administer National Science Council projects
  • collect statistics of on-campus research achievements
  • develop to top university in the international---relevant matters of the cancellation after verification of the Incubate program
  •  --NSC team up and participate international academic organization conferences
       --NSC International academic conferences
       --NSC invite international technology authority for short period visit
       --NSC cooperate with international research plan
       --NSC Bilateral Conferences
       --NSC Graduate Student Study Abroad Program
       --NSC subsidize master and doctor students attend international conferences
       --NSC outstanding research awards
       --NSC subsidize college students participate research projects
       --NSC subsidize the candidate to doctor of Social Sciences and Humanities to write dissertation
       --Ministry of Education subsidize doctoral students attend international meetings
       --Ministry of Education Academic Awards
       --Ministry of Education International Academic Educational Communication Activities
       --Ministry of Education Straits Academic Educational Communication Activities
       --Ministry of Education domestic universities invite authorities to Taiwan for a short period visit
       --Ministry of Education academic meetings and activities
       --National Health Research Institutes multiple degrees award
       --Foundation For The Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship subsidization case
       --Academia Sinica domestic scholars short period visit and research
       --Chinese Development Fund, The Management Committee sponsor graduate students from the Mainland to Taiwan
       --Chinese Development Fund, The Management Committee sponsor people from the Mainland to Taiwan
S.P Wang 6053 E-mail:
  • budget and overall planning of NYMU Aim for the top university plan
  • relevant matters of UST Plan
  • subsidize of on-campus organizations
       --subsidize postgraduate students’ outstanding essay presentations
       --subsidize publish academic essays
  • subsidize of off-campus organizations

Lou-Hui Kuo ext:5337 E-mail:

  • relevant matters of the Institutional Review Board(IRB)

   -- Human subjects review
IRB Education & Training

Wen-Yi Li ext:5350 E-mail:Ÿ 

   -- Human subjects review
 IRB Education & Training

  • relevant matters of the Institutional Review Board(IRB)

Hung Hsiang Chang ext: 6059 E-mail:

  • execute information administration computerized affairs of R&D Division
  • establish and maintain the personal website of research talent
  • R&D Division website establish and maintain
  • provide primary information about databases
  • cooperate with the Information and Communication Center for integrate and promote the administration computerized

Tzu Hsuan Yu ext: 6231 E-mail:

  • Cooperative School Research Project Management
  • handle Other issues assigned by supervisor

Ting-Chieh Lu ext: 6216 E-mail:

  • AdminMister ain Research Center
  • Main Research Center sf et up, change and revocation and job evaluation
  • Researchers appointment related matters
  • Medical institutes and universities part ocooperative education matters
  • Cooperative education Hospital Research Project Management
  • Funding Support for Paper English edited
  • Funding Support for Teachers Paper Publication
  • Activity subsidy for Research centers
  • Administer Main Research Center